Goddess Alchemy: Face Forward Navigator into more smooth sailing in life

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Time seems to be slipping through your fingers and you can’t remember the last time you focused on or gave any importance to the things about which you’re passionate  
  • You seem to be marking time, moving through your life in a daily grind of obligations, chores, and meaningless routine 
  • Nothing in your life seems to have turned out as you thought it would.  
  • You’ve reached a milestone in your life (maybe you turned a certain age or became an empty nester) and find yourself asking, “Now what?”
  • It’s been so long since you even allowed yourself to dream or focused on your own fulfillment that you can’t even remember what that would feel like
  • Life has become a list of to do’s and have to’s.  
  • You’re wondering where the excitement and passion in your life has disappeared to. You’re even wondering if you ever had it to begin with. 
  • …worst of all, you’re even wondering (often) if it’s all downhill from here

You are not alone. As a coach, I talk to women just like you every single day. Women who have tried so many things and been so close to making a breakthrough in their lives and then failed. When that happens, it becomes easier to give up than to try again and fail. Believe me, I know. But I’m here to tell you that not trying is slowly killing you, wearing you down to the bone.  

I know where you are, because I’ve been there. I know who you are, because I was just like you. I want to share my personal story about how the worst, seemingly most devastating thing in my life drove me to find an incredible way out that has since impacted my life and many others in profound and wonderful ways.

I wasn’t always good at creating the cause of my effect consistently.

In fact, several years ago I was a young mom with a six-month-old daughter when aggressive facial cancer shattered my perfect, investment banker life.  

I was broken like Humpty Dumpty. The only chance I had to see my daughter grow up was to have my right facial nerves removed. If I somehow beat the odds and lived, I would have a paralyzed face forever. It was the most difficult choice I’ve ever made. 

And yet, even though I had no idea that it would at the time, my awakening came through that life shattering diagnosis and facial disfigurement. I had to develop new ways to find purpose and meaning in the face of this now everyday harsh reality. A critical element of my healing was being able to hone in on my inherent power; hearing and following something I call Y.O.U. - Your Own Uniqueness. 

It's had a profound impact on my life and, as I used it to tap into, and follow, my true, intended path I was able to not only help myself, but develop a process that has helped many others as well. The Y.O.U. system literally taught me that anything is possible. 

So many of us are distracted by what we think is expected of us and what we are afraid of, and that fallacy distracts us from our inherent path and greatness. But I’m here to tell you, it’s really not that difficult to claim your greatness and step onto the path of fulfillment and personal power. And I wholeheartedly believe that if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

Did you know that we are in a Crisis of Distraction and Dissipation?

According to a statusofwomandata.org, the incidences of depression, Type II Diabetes, and drug dependence among women in the US are on the rise. 

It’s because we live in a sea of constant change and data overload. Time seems to go faster and faster and there’s always more to do. It makes it much easier to float with the tide of distraction instead of moving through our lives with intention, to live at cause instead of effect. 

It becomes too easy to find ourselves directionless and unfulfilled, at the mercy of the waves and winds of social media and a data driven world that makes our own lives seem petty and small. 

When difficult situations arise, we get disturbed, agitated and we simply react, which also interrupts our flow and, in the distraction of our harried modern-day lives, our Thrive Drive is forgotten and can easily lay dormant for a lifetime.

If that seems to describe you, I have great news. We each have a small voice inside of us (I call it “The Navigator”) encouraging us, guiding us, and giving us permission and praise. This small, encouraging voice can be easily drowned out by the noise of a harried, hurried life. But I’ve found a way to help you hear and respond to that voice, to drown out the outside noise and focus on your own heart.

This practice is based on a Thrive Drive of Y.O.U. Foundational Triad: Perception, Preference, and Power. You will learn to innovate out as you stand in your power and decide and take action.

You will begin to create a bright future. As you navigate adversity in your life, it is critical that you have a steady stream of motivation and inspiration to help move you up and over obstacles, and move you beyond your wildest dreams. 

As you begin to consistently face forward, innovate out, and thrive, you’ll feel better, develop balance, and attract more and more good into your life.  As your circumstances improve, you gain faith in positive expectations and that is when the fun and excitement really get started!

All you need do is begin.

The Thrive Drive of Y.O.U. is a literal blueprint that tells you exactly where to begin and what to do next to begin your journey of life mastery. 

We do that in 8 simple steps…

Step #1:

Stop wishing and waiting. Become aware of your value and begin to intentionally live from that powerful place.  

Step 2

During this step, you become powerfully aware that it’s all about Y.O.U. We explore your uniqueness, helping you discover the seed of excellence with which you came programmed.  Like a tiny acorn destined to be a great oak, you have a divine design, an amazing light of your own uniqueness to shine.  

Step #3

You have an internal compass steadfastly pointing you toward your true north.

During this step, you’ll learn to use The Navigator of Y.O.U. Your Navigator signals through your internal compass (which you interpret as a feeling of either resistance or flow). As you get more familiar with your Navigator, you’ll learn to let go of resistance and allow it to direct you to flow along your natural lines of growth with ease.

Step #4: 

In order to attract harmonious flow in your life, you must figure out where your flow is and how to access it. That’s what this step is all about.

Step #5: 

As you develop your Thrive Drive skills, you play the role of both student and teacher for yourself. It’s all about mastery and during step #5, you’ll practice getting better at developing your Thrive Drive.

Step #6: 

When you engage the Thrive Drive, you access your navigator and begin to flow along your natural lines of growth. But recognizing Your navigator’s voice is often challenging because it speaks in a soft voice of praise and love, often so quit we must learn to listen with our hearts in order to hear it.  

Step #7: 

Your divine design shows up as talents, abilities, ideas, your desires, and a longing for expression. During this step, you’ll learn to contact, direct, and apply Your Thrive Drive through focus, imagination, and concentration.  

Step #8: 

Active faith is demonstrated through the focus of your thoughts, words, and actions on what you want.  With steady active faith, you’ll fuel the thrive drive to act on your behalf. As you learn to read your navigator signals more, effectively, you build the muscles of active faith and you gain causal power. That power it what causes the effect you desire in life.

The sojourn of Face Forward Navigator is one of feeling better.  It’s all about you navigating to “Y.O.U.”, Your Own Uniqueness.  You came here to live a full and individualized experience, being there for the highs and the lows, the twists and the turns, and always reaching for more with anticipation.  

Let's get you navigating to smoother sailing.

I want this!

The Navigator program is hearty and delivered across varied mediums so all learning styles are accommodated. Face Forward Navigator helps you build faith in you over the course of 52 weeks. This is real resiliency training. You’ll be building your thrive muscle and gaining strength and faith in yourself. You will begin seeing concrete results from your consistent forward navigation. Following your own internal compass is the most successful and enjoyable means of clearing negative energy. As you continue connecting to Y.O.U., you will experience higher aspects of yourself. You will begin to feel lighter and clearer. This is a step-by-step blueprint that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you need to do to unlock the powers of Your Thrive Drive and make living every day a joy instead of sheer stress and worry. This is a course in navigation, so it is detailed and meant to be consumed slowly and carefully for a full 12 months. This type of work can’t be rushed and you’ll receive the material at a slow but steady pace so you can take it in and act on it without feeling rushed or stressed. Over the year, you will set a course for yourself and your life and you’ll intentionally following it through to fruition. As the year goes on, you will see more and more good enter your life. The lessons are bite sized, so you can intake them quickly and review them often. You’ll learn to practice mindfulness daily as you build a lifetime habit. There are 109 lessons, each under 20 minutes in length. The lessons are delivered to you twice a week. I believe in magic and miracles and I’ll provide you access to your most resourceful state through our alchemical work. The course comes with a notes manual and a daily journal with personal prompts, so you can keep track of your progress. As a bonus, you also get exclusive access to the Face Forward Navigator summary slides


Goddess Alchemy: Face Forward Navigator into more smooth sailing in life

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I want this!